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I say it, I didn't like Star Wars VII. And you? And did you know that I look exactly the same of Kylo Ren? It's true! 

92 deviants said I like it.
21 deviants said I don't like it.
14 deviants said Movies now are just teen movies.
14 deviants said It's better than the Phantom Menace (I loved the phantom menace).
11 deviants said I hate you.
8 deviants said Didn't see it, I only read books.

Favourite S.E.V.E.N. girl update! The other poll had not the last revealed characters (I'm sorry that Anju and Parvati aren't yet appeared in the comic, but just wait)! 

46 deviants said Shirin - Character File (100%) by TirNaNogIndustries
45 deviants said S.EVEN - Character File (93,75%) by TirNaNogIndustries
29 deviants said Louhi - Character File (63,76%) by TirNaNogIndustries
27 deviants said Anju - Character File (93,75%) by TirNaNogIndustries
11 deviants said Parvati - Character File (84,4%) by TirNaNogIndustries
8 deviants said Sonia - Character File (82,3%) by TirNaNogIndustries
3 deviants said Satyavati - Character File (90%) by TirNaNogIndustries
Daimyo's Fall - logo version by TirNaNogIndustries

Hello Folks!
DarkRinoa88 and me, from now on working together, are proud to present you this new project!
We are very excited about it and have worked hard on it in the past few months. It has been quite difficult to keep it a secret, but now that (almost) everything is settled, we can show it to you!

The FAQ on this page will grow as we get more questions and provide more answers... And hey! Feel free to drop your question as well in the comments below, we will gladly answer!

First... What is Daimyo's fall?

Daimyo's Fall is a multiplayer deck-building game
set in the Japanese Middle Ages, when the country was ruled by feudal lords known as Daimyo.

The Daimyo of Yamashiro domain has mysteriously died and his magnificent treasure lies in his palace. As well, because of some unknown sorcery, the Daimyo’s palace is deserted and all the men in his domain have disappeared, leaving wives and daughters alone.

It is said that the phantom of the Daimyo appeared in the dreams of some young nobles, urging him take the title of Daimyo by capturing his mysterious treasure.but there is more.

A centuries-old cherry tree, hidden on the highest floor of the Daimyo’s palace, is losing its flowers. Only until the last petal falls from its branches may pretenders seize the palace. After that, Yamashiro will be lost forever to darkness.

What is the purpose of the game?

The players (up to 4) take the role of the young lords that are trying to conquer the domain
the Daimyo left by gaining his outstanding fortune and demostrating they are the best.

Fight each other to gather the most of the treasure from the palace, but don't worry, you won't be alone.
Who can be by your side? All the warriors disappeared from the Daimyo's domain!

You have no choice... but hiring the ninja and samurai girls that are still in the land.
Now that all those chauvinist and arrogant warriors are gone, women can prove their valor and achieve their goals!
Will you be able to become the next Daimyo, and also solve the mistery beneath the Daimyo's fall?
You need to collect points during your game, by winning as many cards as you can, but beware!
Not every card can give points, only certain of them!
Don't let your enemies steal them to you!

Daimyo's Fall - Cards' Scan by TirNaNogIndustries

Hey, what is this? We really wanted to show you something real about this project, so we took the cards we printed, cropped and put on Yu Gi Oh common cards (lol) and that we are using to test the game! But don't worry, soon you'll see more detailed pictures of how the cards will look!

How many types of card are there in the game?

There are three types of cards in this game: heores, reinforcements and treasures.
Each player (you!) starts with a Hero, a unique card that determines the conditions you need to meet to draw a card from the treasure decks.
To fulfill the hero conditions, you can help yourself by purchasing Reinforcement Cards from the Domain. Every reinforcement has its own ability that can help you or hinder your opponents, sometimes at a cost.

Every card, be it a treasure, a hero or a reinforcement, has a type, either ninja or samurai. This is important to build a strategy, because every type is focused on certain actions, and have different features and effects. Discover the strongest combos and make an invicible chain of cards you can master your turns with!

Aiko - Daimyo's Fall by TirNaNogIndustries Aiko by DarkRinoa88

After reading this, what should you do?
Checking our group :icondaimyosfall: and subscribe is the first step!
Then you can check many deviations about this project and,
if you honour us with this, post yourself some fanarts!

Still want to do more? Why not visit our Facebook page? Our updates and works in progress will be uploaded there too and it would help us so much if you liked our page or shared it with others.



Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
Good day, damen und herren!
The name's Francesco, and I'm a Latin and ancient Greek teacher who studies to become a lacanian psychoanalyst. In my free time, I work as freelance illustrator and comic writer.

Important: the commissions prices are ONLY for private customer. If you want use my works for merchandising or kinda stuff, you have to know that prices will be VERY higher (doubled or more). Don't try to fool me, I'm pretty tired of smartasses that search on DeviantArt for low price arts.

I won't do: Fetish; Violence; Giantesses; Excessively muscular women; Vore; Anthro/Furry.

Any other NSFW is ok, don't worry, I love it, but won't be posted in my gallery and the price will be doubled due to the fact I can't use them for my portfolio.

A commissioner have to:
- Send me short and exaustive explanation of what I have to do (if lineart, sketch, shaded or colored, and number of characters).
- Be PRECISE about the pose, I really can't waste time 'cause a commissioner was not clear about what he/she wants.
- BEWARE: the price could change a little if the artwork has some features that make it very long or complicated to draw. Usually the price won't change more than 2-5€, and usually it happens for some armors or weapons (usually a weapon price is 2€).
- Send me some pics as references.
- Pay at least half of the price first.
- Wait about a week (in busy periods it can take more, unfortunately).

Thanks! :)

- THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, READ CAREFULLY: you have to be very precise about what you want. If you tell me 'it's up to you' you have to accept my interpretation of your character or my choose about what you let me do freely. For example, I won't redraw an armor if you told me 'make something like a demon armor' and then you don't like the metal claws I put in it. You should have said 'make a demon armor with these specific characteristics'. Any changes to the commission due to a commissioner's lack of precision will charge a minimal amount of 3€ in the sketch phase, 5€ for the lineart phase, and 10€ for the color phase.

So, you have to tell me:
- position
- setting
- camera angle
- details

If you let me free to do any of those, I'll be very happy to make for you the best concept I can, but any change after the drawing is done will be charged. Also, if you don't tell me anything about, for example, the camera angle of the drawing, I'll consider it up to my decision, and if you ask me to change completely it after the drawing is done, It'll be charged.

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